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Womens Emotional Wellness:

Are you someone who is afraid to be honest with yourself and those around you for fear you will overwhelm people, or that your thoughts are too scary to share out loud? Are you often looking outside yourself for validation and worth? There are times you question yourself or feel as though there are past experiences, patterns of thinking or beliefs causing you to doubt or question your very own intuition. I see you.


Together we will create space where you can freely give yourself permission to be where you are and offer love and kindness to yourself. You can stand in your own truth and know that you are good just as you are. You are strong, deserving and resilient. You can step into a place of deeper authenticity and strength. Old patterns of thinking or ways of viewing the world may no longer be serving you but you can choose to hold space for what serves and say no thank you to what does not.  


Are you stuck in a tit for tat space of arguing, constantly making each other wrong? Are you struggling to negotiate the new land of parenthood or perhaps old and familiar patterns of interaction that you have decided you want to change? Is it challenging to figure out what stuff is yours, what stuff is your partners and what belongs to the relationship? Navigating and negotiating the complex and multifaceted world of partnership is no easy task. I see you.


I have hope that with support, you and your partner can begin to increase insight into your relationship dynamics and work to heal so the relationship suffers less. You can learn to communicate in a way that is effective so you can feel heard. You can begin to come from a place of greater compassion for yourself and your partner in your relationship. 


Are you grieving the loss of a pregnancy and the plans you had started to make? Are you overwhelmed with being a new mother and surprised by upsetting thoughts or feelings of guilt, emptiness, anger or panic? Are you feeling both immense gratitude and also sadness or disappointment about how your birth journey has unfolded? Are feelings from your childhood or relationship to your mother coming up in new ways as you navigate your own journey of motherhood? Are you moving beyond the baby blues and into a more intense sense of anxiety or dread? I see you. 


I am here to support you and I have hope that you can move beyond these natural and confusing feelings into a place of serenity, a place of confidence and calm. You can create new community and build support around yourself and your family. You already have all that you need. I am here to support you as you reconnect to your own power and strength.

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